Creating Family Relationships That Work

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Healing The Disconnects Between Parents & Teens

If You're Struggling with Your Teen, Consider This...

  • Our teens are not impossible to reach.

  • The teenage years do not have to be a  constant struggle.

  • The parent/teen relationships can be connected, cooperative and joyous.

I work with parents who want to stay connected with their teens and want to build extraordinary relationships with them - relationships that last a lifetime.

 You can get to know and connect with your teen in ways you never dreamed you could; 
    Build family interactions that feel good and help everyone to thrive; 
    Be thrilled and surprised when your teen starts to share again; 

Fall back-in-love with your lost child who is now  your amazing teen!

You and your teen can have a loving relationship.
Your teen is not lost but is in front of you wanting to connect.
The old struggles and patterns can be transformed and cooperation and joy can re-enter your family life.


Yes, the teenage years can be challenging.
Yes, they can be difficult.
But most importantly, they can be a new beginning rather than what can feel like an end...
They can be a rich time for family connection, love and joy! 

Most parents don’t know that…

  • Many of the struggles and conflicts in families are actually caused by hidden issues that never get addressed.

  • They can remain invisible for years  causing whole families to suffer.

  • With the right  skills, you  can uncover these imprints and shift  their dynamics so the  communication, connection and cooperation everyone is really yearning for can  become possible.

You can learn how to…

  •  Deeply connect with your teen so he/she can deeply connect with you.

  • Transform disruptive family patterns that keep your family apart and support everyone to come back together again.

  • Lay the foundation for a relationship between you and your teen that will carry you both into the future.

With the right kind of awareness and skill, the teenage years can bring your family together not pull you apart. And it doesn’t have to be hard.