Family Constellation Work...
           Making the 'Unseen' Seen and Finding
          New Possibilities for Change

Did you know that.....

Many of us are living with unseen burdens and influences that we carry from our ancestors. These invisible dynamics are often not accessible through traditional therapy and can limit what is possible for us in our lives and for our children in theirs. Family Constellation work is a healing process that enables us to uncover these dynamics, see them; and understood and shift them into new possibilities for growth and change. 

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Epigenetic's is the new science that is exploring this powerful  inter-generational inheritance and how it can cause us to live out the struggles, pains and heartbreaks of those who came before us as if they were our own. This inherited legacy of unhealed family wounds can continue to play out in younger generations until someone explores them so they can be released. 

When you work with me, we will explore and work with these imprints so you can move beyond them and create greater freedom for you and your family.