About Me 

I am an expert at bringing families together; and I have been passionately and successfully guiding families, individuals and couples to do that since 1998. One of my specialties is helping parents create connected relationships with their teens. I teach parents how to uncover and shift the hidden core dynamics behind their struggles with their teens; and then to create the rich and connected relationships that they so deeply yearn for.

My work is unique, multidimensional, efficient and effective. It’s based on my many years of experience as a Ph.D. in Pre and Perinatal psychology and as a Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator. These areas of expertise, in particular,  allow me to help my clients  uncover the deeper and invisible core patterns  that  cause their struggles and pains; patterns that are often not accessible in traditional therapies or self help programs. The families and clients that I work with uncover these hidden dynamics and missing pieces and then transform them. Their conflicts and struggles shift into new experiences of freedom, self-expression, love and joy both for themselves individually, and  for their families.  

I have a Masters and Ph.D. in clinical psychology, both with specialties in Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology. I am a trained Family Constellation facilitator with additional skills in couples work and systemic medicine (illness and chronic states). I'm an educator, a past adjunct professor teaching therapeutic skills to graduate students; and a past supervisor to practitioners and therapists. In addition, I’m a specialist in the Vanishing Twin Syndrome; a registered Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist; and a certified ‘Walking In Your Shoes’ facilitator.

My work is founded in neurobiology; attachment theory; trauma resolution work; psycho-spiritual psychology; systemic medicine;  somatic expression; family and systemic relationships; and group dynamics. My private practice is based in the Los Angeles area. I also work with clients on line.
I am not an MFT or other licensed mental health care practitioner.