Did you know that…

Many of the issues that cause families to struggle are invisible. They come from dynamics that are hidden from our conscious awareness and so nobody ever sees them. When you work with me, you’ll get to see what is really at the core of the conflicts that destroy family peace. A new and very different understanding of what’s really happening in your family and what’s really behind the fighting, tensions and disconnects will become apparent.

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You’ll develop a new awareness of the hidden issues that are in the way and why.

Your confusions, hopelessness and sense of failure will begin to shift as you start to transform the challenging dynamics that are so disruptive.

Then your family members will begin to communicate, listen to each other and feel safe; and then they can come together, cooperate and start to thrive together.  

When you work with me you’ll start to understand that…

  • Your teen really needs you.

  • Your teen is actually always telling you the truth about how they are whether you realize it or not.

  • The challenging behaviors that your teen exhibits aren’t the problem; they’re just the messengers.

  • Even though the fighting feels painful for you, I’ll bet you anything that your teen is suffering a lot more than you.

  • No matter what it looks like, your teen would give anything to be seen, understood and able to talk with you. 

You’ll learn how to...

  • Listen to your teen so he/she feels heard.

  • See your teen so he/she feels seen.

  • Acknowledge your teen’s inner world so he/she feels understood.

  • And 'Get’ your teen in the way that she/he desperately needs ‘to be gotten’.

    Then life will shift and you’ll be surprised when the tension starts to change and your teen relates to you differently too.

    I work with the whole family and I start with the parents first. Then we bring in the teens. If your teen is resistant, don’t worry. We’ll get started without them.